Problem Filtering with Date Repeating Group

Hi guys,
I’m building an app with events and a calendar where I would like to show just a repeating group filtering today events.
But I’m not able to do this cause the event date is saved with date and time so when I choose to filter this by current date/time, the time is not the same so nothing is showing on the list.
My question is, is there a formula where I can pick only the day and not the time? If not, Could I save the events of the calendar without the time?
I’m using Bubble Calendar plugin.

Many thanks for your time!

Hey @alvarovg4444. You’re correct… Time is throwing it off. Easiest way around this is to use two parameters in your repeating group. Date is greater than today’s date:rounded down to the day and Date is less than today’s date:rounded down to the day + 1 day. This will allow any event who’s date falls within today.

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Hey Andrew,
Thank you! But already tried this and if I have an event from today but with a time of the past It will no show on the list… I also changed the first parameter to -1 day, but It’s the same. My app is taking the current time and the time of the event, don’t know how to avoid this issue.

If you’re willing to share a screenshot of your setup or a link to your editor, I’d be happy to take a look. It sounds like the modifiers aren’t applying correctly to your current date reference.

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Ok, I just figured it out thanks to @avern87 . This is how I solve this:


Weird… rounded down should have helped with time too. Glad to hear that did it for you though.

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