Hiding a hidden element again

Hello Guys!

I have an element that allows the user to click on settings or logout, I’ve hidden the element and it’s only visible when a certain group is clicked.

I would like to hide that element once the group is clicked again, however, I’m not able to figure out how!

Can anyone help?


Hey just checking if anyone can help me with this.

Thanks again!

HEEEY! Sorry that you’ve had to wait to get the answer here. This kind of stuff is ideal for you to master, which is the effective use of conditionals:

2020-09-13 14.04.35


Set up two actions on the same element you click. Set the condition “only when” to either when that element is visible or not visible. BAM!

The other alternative is to use the Group Focus element, which hides itself automatically when the user clicks elsewhere (great for drop menus and such).

Hope this helps!

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Thank you so much Alejandro! you’ve been a champ helping me with almost every question I post in this forum.

If I were to use group focus and I had to add a button or a group inside of it, how would i go about doing that?

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Nevermind, I just pasted a group inside of the group focus and it worked! Thank you so much <3 you’re amazing!!!

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You need to use states. A state assign you the parent group would solve this very easily. I would show you, but I’m on an iPhone right now replying.

Sorry for the late reply! My pleasure giving you a helping nudge.

Group Focus are great! And Floating Groups are my personal faves (with some CSS you can create fullscreen views with Floating Groups).

Indeed just like you did, you can copy (or copy with workflows) a group into the Group Focus and it works just as expected.

As Josh suggests, using states + conditionals is a very good option, too. For example, set a state to “visible = yes” and then have all kinds of things show up when the state of something is “visible=yes”. I use these a lot, specially on onboarding tours with “pages”.

Happy you’re making progress!! Keep at it!

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