How to hide a group focus?

How to hide group focus? I am facing the same problem as this man. I tried to do what he did to resolve this issue but it didn’t work for me. Any help is appreciated!

The toggle group feature works for me, what exactly are trying to do?

Grace, have you had a look at the Bubble lessons? I recommend following them.

Yes but the hide and show features didn’t work.

I finally used toggle group focus with set state.


Toggle already has the on/off switch. I would remove the conditional statement.

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I have added a lot of group focus and I want it when a one is shown the other would be hidden. That’s why I used the conditional statement.

so I made a state yes/no. When the user clicks on an icon the state is “yes” and when the user clicks on it again the state will switch to “no”. Closing the group focus by clicking outside it is working but the state is going to stay “yes”. How to make it switch to “no”. Do you have any ideas?

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