Condition: when Group X "is visible", on action

Condition: when Group X “is visible”, not an option in the “hide element” action.

Why not?

Could you do it with a conditional statement on the element? When Group X is visible, Group Y is not visible?


no, in this case, i need it specifically on the action

Hi @cheskiefisch,

I’m not sure why other groups’ visibility is not available as a conditional in this case, but I think you can accomplish this in an action by tweaking @greg.nallie’s solution a bit.

Let’s say you want to click a button and show group 2 only if group 1 is visible. You could have a yes/no state on group 2 - visible? - that is initially set to “no.” On group 2, your conditional would be: This group’s visible? is “yes” and Group 1 is visible. Your button would simply set Group 2’s visible? to “yes”

Here’s an example: editor / run-mode

The downside being that once you’ve triggered this action and set the visibility state to yes, then Group 2 is set to become visible at anytime if Group 1 becomes visible. Hope this helps!

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