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What if a group in a repeating group is not visible?

I have a condition for a group located in a repeating group to hide and collapse.
How to avoid the hidden white spaces of the current cell?
Can’t we just hide the current cell it self when a RG is ignoring empty constraints?

Acredito que por padrao a célula já não aparece, caso nao possua nenhum registro nela, se for isso que eu entendi ok. espero ter ajudado. Caso seje de um grupo que esteja dentro da celula atual se voce marcar a opção collapse this element when hidden ele ja colappsa e encolhe todo o conteudo

I don’t want to include the condition in the “search for” because i am ignoring empty constraints, that’s why i had it as a condition for the group it self. the problem when its not visible that does not mean it can also hide the current cell.

It will collapse but what about the current cell space?
The cell was visible when page is loaded.

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