Hiding groups while editing a single custom state page

The answer to this will probably be something obvious that I have missed, but I am still getting accustomed to Custom States and my question is this: While editing a single custom state page with different tabs that show different groups, how do I hide previous groups while editing a new group so that several groups aren’t overlapping each other?

Click the “eye” icon in the element tree to hide the group.


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I knew it would be something obvious. Thanks a lot Tal. By the way I have a question for you, I am thinking of signing up to your website, but before I do I wanted to know if your lesson on how to create a video chat feature involves a third party API integration or is it some native feature to Bubble that I am not familiar with?

It uses a third party service (jitsi) that you implement in your app using iFrames (html). No API’s needed.

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