Hiding rule not working for buttons

Hi all, I am experiencing problem with hiding rule for buttons. It works fine with text but it seems to ignore it for buttons. Any idea why or is it a bug?

Could you please share a screenshot?



Consider how the rule works. It hides based on the parent’s width … not the page’s width

Check for this in both instances … texts and buttons and see how it goes

You can also set Hiding rule Workflows based on the full page width, but I’m not sure what the benefit of that approach is vs the Hiding rules in the Responsive editor.

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Parent is the container if I change the hidding rule number to match the parent it doesn’t work neither

Thanks for response, I tried that but than is not shrinking the space above and below and it keeps huge gap between 1st and 2nd panel on mobile version

Managed to fix it - I took these button out of all groups and now it works. Thanks all for your time and help.

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