Responsive: Hide when parent width


For some reason, my element isn’t hiding after I hit or surpass the “less than or equal to 386px” parameter that I have set.

There are two buttons within a group. The group won’t hide nor will each individual button. I’ve also attempted to remove the buttons outside of the group and it still didn’t work.

So, I’m not sure what’s going on…

It’s hard to be certain from your screenshot, but is that group (Group A) contained within another group? In that case, the parent width would be the parent group’s width, not the page’s width

Or is the group with the hiding condition resting solely in the containing group (a floating group, I assume)?

Group A is within Group B, the buttons are within Group A.

Side note: Group B, Group A, and the buttons are on header 2 as seen below:


Group B is smaller then the header, so it’s not getting triggered maybe?

Correct, you should calibrate the parent width to the parent group (Group B), not the Header.

Thanks man, much appreciated…

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