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Hierarchy (Nesting) Question

Hey guys, how would some of you bright brains in the bubble universe go about doing this?

I’m setting up a Hierarchy. There is a Parent and a Child (downline).
Sometimes the child (downline) of one parent will be the parent of a another child… here’s my layout:

You can add children (downlines) to parents on the left. On the right you can search the parents and pull up the children under them on the top repeating group (right hand side of picture) I want the user to then be able to click the arrow Icon and see the children under the selected cell which would be displayed on the bottom repeating group… I’ve got it all the way up to being able to see the first set of children in the top rg but cant get that to feed the bottom rg… Any ideas?? Thanks! You guys are awesome!

Hey @1danielbaker, set a custom state when the arrow is clicked in the top RG. State’s value = Current Cell’s Thing (company? whatever parents/children are in your DB)… Then make the source of the bottom RG “State’s downlines” and maybe only have it be visible when state is not empty.

Another way is to put the bottom RG in a group and set the group type to the Thing. Set the RG type to Thing and source to parent group’s Thing’s downlines. When arrow is clicked > display data > group to display is the group containing bottom RG > data to display is current cell’s Thing. Again, maybe hide the group on page load and show it when arrow is clicked as well. Unless you want a default value… up to you.

Try that :slight_smile:

Here is the settings… I’m getting this error… Any thoughts?

Top RG

Bottom RG Group

Bottom RG

Ah, ok, I thought everything was the same type. Change the Type of content in the Bottom RG to Downline. Is Downline another data type or is it a text…? The type of content should match what the RG is a list of, so whatever type the downline field is, change Type of content to that.