Is the limitation of nesting level?

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Is there a limitation on the elements’ nesting levels? I have a problem with nested elements. I have a repeating group at level 6th (groups). I want to make the item (floating group) show up when the Repeating Group is loading. I described the issue on print screen. I can not find a this repeating group.

Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong?

There’s no limitation of nesting level. Sometime you have to refresh your browser if you are using multi tabs. Update are not always reflected on other tabs (when creating new fields for example). The other work around is to ‘click’ on another object ‘when thing’ and come back. It reset the missing link.

:roll_eyes: not helped. I have tried also close and reopen browser, even open editor in other browser (I work on Opera, tried on Chrome).

I have noticed that there are missing on dropdown ‘when thing’ all RG’s nested in other RG’s :frowning:

Have you solved your case? If not, I will suggest to file a bug report (you probably done it) and let us know.

no, not yet. I will report it.
So far I wrote to support and wait until they check this case. I’ll describe here if they give me feedback.

Support is investigating, but by accident, I discovered a workaround.

The problem is that RG nested in other RG is not shown on dropdown “when do”. All you have to do is move the RG child, which you can not see on the list, outside of the RG-parent, and then appears on the list. Then You can then move it back as nested RG-child. From that moment RG-child will be visible on the list.

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Hello, i see you got a well-structured data and UI. Can you help about what type of containers are you using to have a list of things displayed below an object? Is it a RG below that displays the selected data and grows depending of the number of items?

I see you have some icons but i dont know if they are created dinamically with RG or their are fixed.

I appreciate your help


What is the max number of items in your list? Are list giving you any trouble in perfomance?