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Nested RG lists

Hi All,

I am looking for a way, or tutorial, to have an infinite nested RG extendable lists. Basically, I have a set of element that have child/parent relationships. I would like to display all my elements in a list fashion with the children being represented under the parent element. I would also like to be a able to hide/show each layer of the list. Here is a picture that shows what I am aiming at.

Thanks for your help


Hey @vmazoyercsi

Thanks for reaching out and cool idea! This sort of thing can definitely be done and will require multiple repeating groups inside each other. Essentially, you’ll want your data to be structured in a way where each record stores something like it’s parent container and/or a list of it’s child records. (I hesitate to suggest a list because I don’t know how big your lists might be and this could become a performance hit if your lists are big.

Essentially, you’ll build your outermost later to display any that don’t have a parent element listed. Inside of that repeating group, you’ll have a repeating group that displays any records who’s parent = current cell’s record. And, depending on how many layers you want this to have, you could build a couple more into it so that it can have a certain number of levels deep.

While I haven’t done it, you might be able to get creative with a reusable element to make it easy to build layers inside of other layers.

Give it a try and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions: [email protected]

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