Hierarchy of programmes and projects

I have a site that displays a list of projects but a client now would like to see these grouped by programmes. So each programme could have X number of projects.

At the minute I just have a RG that lists all of the projects in order. This works well but before I destroy what I have I would like to get some advice.

  • I already have a data type called projects
  • I am presuming it would be best practice to create another type called programmes and have a name.
    • I am presuming the easiest option would be to create a field of type programme in the project type. Then I could assign a project to one (or even a list) of programmes.
  • I have not used the group option on a RG but presuming this would be the best option?
    • I current have a simple ‘do a search’ for projects in the data source. I am presuming I could just group by the programme field (which is programme type).
    • I would however like to display the information in the RG under the group of the programme. For example…

Programme Name 1
Project X… Project Y… Project Z

Programme Name 2
Project A… Project B… Project Z (as it has both programmes in the list).

This sound logical? Anyone able to help with the group logic before I change things too much and how to display the programme names.

Hey there,

Sorry, but I’m not sure what you are asking for. Maybe start by creating a data type called ‘programs’ with a field called ‘projects’ that is a list of projects tied to that ‘program.’

From there, I don’t understand what you are asking. Are you saying that you want to start with a list of projects but them filter by program or do you always want to have them filtered by program?



sorry wrote the message quickly.

I want to display all the projects (name and description) on a page but grouped under a programme. Every project will have at least one programme they are attached to.

At the minute I just have a RG that shows all the projects one after another (as I dont have the concept of programmes in the solution yet) but I want to be able to display on a page the programmes and underneath it each project that belongs to that programme.


Finance Programme

  • Brexit
  • ERP replacement

IT Programme

  • ERP replacement
  • Hardware refresh

So I think I will have one type called Programme (with Finance and IT as entries) and another type called projects (with ERP replacement, Brexit and Hardware refresh as entries). To tie the two together I would need a field of programme type in the project data type.

All that makes sense to me, the biggest challenge is how to display them front end. Do I still use a RG but rather than just a long list I need to have groupings as above so I can see which project belongs to which programme. Obviously the programmes and projects are dynamic so there could be 1 entry or 20!

That make more sense :slight_smile:

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