High availability hosting?

I’ve been tasked with pricing out hosting for a client’s app. The client is forging partnerships with large media properties and so expects to have a lot of users. Our app isn’t particularly lightweight, to boot.

So I’m wondering what I should be looking into - should I be moving it off bubble’s servers, and is this even possible? I need to price out how I could get closer monitoring and higher performance SLAs than the bubble hosting infrastructure might be able to provide.

Has anyone done this and is it possible? I really want to stick with bubble so I’m hoping the answer is yes.

Bubble has a dedicated plan which fits your requirements. It’s expensive though.

I also noticed that the Plan with 10 additional units is exceptionally fast.

Try to minimize searches in your app. If you need help feel free to reach out.

ps: if you offer SLAs I would suggest to cover your butt. Downtime is a regular thing happening lately on the shared hosting


Just to add the the comment above. No you cannot move off of bubble. It has to be hosted on bubble.

Yes I was nicely surprised.

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I appreciate the info and suggestion. The client has budget so I think dedicated should be fine, if there’s any kind of reasonable SLA.

When we load a crime profile page we’ve got a big data type called Crime that contains lists of other datatypes like 911Call, Video, Article. This way we don’t have to run a search. Seems like this should be the quickest method, correct?

What is the monthly cost for this? I assume quite high…

You can run searches with the Algolia feature that Bubble releases soon.

Hi @klaas.vanhoeck1

Look for Bubble pricing and plans. Each add. credit (capacity unit) is 30$ (20$ past plans). It’s always high when you start your business, and so little when everything works profitably. The idea with Bubble is to be profitable as you go, which forces you to be in the right direction imo. As you must know, this is the kind of question that likes to be debated. :sweat_smile:

When you are with the professional plan, you can try the effect of 10 units/credits for 3 times 1 hour.

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