Question about migrating from Bubble to a dedicated server (Enterprise plan)

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Has anyone already migrated to Bubble’s Enterprise plan, which is possible to migrate to a dedicated server?


We have an extremely complex platform built entirely on Bubble, and we are having performance problems when loading pages.
Just to give you an idea, it takes around 15 to 30 seconds to completely load a page, due to the amount of information we need to return to the user, complex flows, API calls and Plugins.
Of course, we are already working internally to improve the performance of each page individually, improving workflows, using reusable elements, reducing dependence on plugins, cascading filters, improving “Do a Search for”, etc.

Interesting numbers:

-More than 26 million Workload Units consumed in the last month.
-More than 180 pages.
-More than 170 reusable elements.
-More than 295 tables in the database.
-More than 120 Option Sets tables.
-More than 150 plugins installed.
-More than 500 Backend Workflows.
-170mb app backup file size on Bubble.


1- Has anyone already migrated to Bubble’s Enterprise plan, which is possible to migrate to a dedicated server? Could you tell me what the experience was like?

2- If you migrated to the dedicated server, did you notice an increase in the app’s performance in general? If so how much more?

3- You haven’t migrated to a dedicated server, but do you know of any company that has migrated and could you provide the name of the company so I can get in touch and ask for feedback?

4- If you have any tips on improving performance and could leave them below, that would be great!

Thank you so much guys! :rocket:


Bloody hell :rofl: Can you share a link to the platform out of interest!

150 plugins sounds absolutely obscene and can definitely be reduced. The reuseables number seems within the realm of reasonable but 180 pages, damn! I guess if you have lots of targetted marketing pages it makes sense.


Man, now I feel bad for complaining about my own editor performance…




Hi @ricardopipeimob

I’ve been on a dedicated plan for about 5 or 6 years now. I’ve moved from a 2x2 to 4x4 and now now on an 8x8 dedicated due to customer growth. I can help clarify my overall experience and answer any questions you may have.

  1. In terms of migrating, I can only reference our experiencing moving from a 2x2 to 4x4 and more recently an 8x8. The whole process is seamless and easy. There is no downtime as the Bubble team migrates to a larger server. Our applications need to run continuously on a 24/7 hour basis, so this was one of our concerns. There wasn’t even a brief hiccup in accessibility during the migration. Migration generally takes around 2 hours and is handled completely by the Bubble team. We just wait for the e-mail notifying us that the process is complete.

  2. Yes, significant performance increase each time we upgrade, you notice, see, and feel the difference. Even your editor will load and run faster. I’ll provide more comments early next week as I have to head out soon.

  3. I can connect with you over Zoom to discuss further if you want.

Overall, we love our dedicated box and it performs extremely well and can handle the workload / user requests. We are also insulated from any issues the main cluster has and can control the bubble release updates if there are any known bugs. If have inefficient code or a heavy backend process, it can still eat up your CPU. What’s nice is that we don’t have to worry about WUs ! I’m happy to chat with you more over zoom if are considering moving to dedicated and have more questions.



TL;DR for my novel-length reply: Yes, switching to dedicated is 100% worth it if you’ve outgrown the upper tiers of the main cluster plans and have the funds to do it. It’s super easy to upgrade and is fantastic in many ways.

I’ll second Gilles’ comment that migrating to dedicated is seamless and easy - it was a piece of cake and done much faster than expected. Our database with millions and millions of entries was moved in just a couple of hours from start to finish, and our app was still totally usable during that time. The only minor hiccup we encountered was related to DNS records but our super awesome Bubble technical success manager, Jonathan Heaberlin, helped us troubleshoot that with lightning speed. It wasn’t technically Bubble’s problem to solve but he helped us figure it out anyway!

Congrats on your app’s growth, Ricardo. Seriously, those are amazing stats! It sounds like you already know that it’s time to migrate to dedicated. Yes, the price is a jump, but if you expect your app size and database and user count to continue to grow then bumping up your hardware’s specs once you’re already on a dedicated server is in much smaller increments price-wise. None of your questions were about price so I’m assuming you’re running a profitable operation that can handle the upgrade, and if so then congratulations once again! That’s no small feat and should be celebrated!

One of the biggest questions I had for the Bubble sales team when we migrated in March of this year was whether the dedicated server plan was the desired natural progression of a Bubble app or if it was something that was created just to satisfy developers whose apps had grown too big for their britches. In short, did the Bubble team want apps to be on the dedicated plan? Their response was a resounding “yes”, it’s their hope and ambition that many Bubble apps grow to that level and they’ve invested a lot of time and effort in making that progression as easy as possible. They view it as vital to their long-term plans, which was a relief to hear. Of course, they were saying this during the sales process so take that for what it’s worth :sweat_smile: But I believe them to be genuine.

The nagging doubt of any novice-turned-Bubble-expert is that they built their app inefficiently and that it might come back to bite them as their app scales. The thought lurks in the back of my mind, even though I know for a fact that I got started on the right foot by going through the Built to Scale program by Coaching No Code Apps for my initial build. (Shout-out to Gaby Román and Kristen Youngs, they rock!) Now that we’re on a dedicated server and all the variables that come from the shared resources and service outages on the main cluster have been set aside, I can confidently say that our app is scaling really, really well.

There are far more competent developers than me in this community who could probably provide you with specific numbers to quantify the increase in performance, and I’m sure a huge amount of that is dependent on how your app is built and what it does, but these past 6 months have been incredibly smooth for us. It’s been fantastic to completely sidestep all the heartache the community on the main cluster has gone through with the upheaval due to workload units, service outages, and regressions (which I’m encouraged to see that Bubble’s dedicating a lot of resources to avoid moving forward). Regarding workload units, we made the switch literally the week before that whole announcement came out. Talk about timing. I haven’t had to worry at all about rebuilding core functions of our app to dance around WU consumption like so many others have. Of course, I’m already paying a lot more than most, but still… you get the point. We use every part of the buffalo around these here parts.

Our app Wash-Dry-Fold POS is a point-of-sale system for laundromats who offer drop-off laundry services in their stores. We’re a one-stop solution for the computer hardware and accessories (such as weight scales, cash drawers, bag label printers, receipt printers, barcode scanners, and credit card terminals) as well as our proprietary cloud-based software. Our app tracks sales, laundry order productivity, equipment repairs, time clock entries, and notifies customers via text message when their laundry is ready for pickup. We’ve sold nearly 1,000 systems across all 50 states. We’ve been at it since 2016 but didn’t roll out our own software (built with Bubble) until the end of 2020, which was the key to unlocking multiple times growth of what we were doing before when we were dealers of other more generic POS software but were still focused only on the laundry vertical. We stair-stepped our way up the hosting plans with Bubble as we grew organically until we reached the obvious tipping point in both revenue and app size that it was time to jump to dedicated. The stability and uptime gained by moving to dedicated has been well worth it since we’re powering live in-person point-of-sale system interactions and business operations at hundreds of laundromats at any given moment.


Hey there.

We made the switch to dedicated in January of this year. It’s been nothing short of game-changing. I’ll do my best to answer all of your questions using my experience as a baseline.

  1. Migration took about four hours. I don’t have metrics about number of reusables etc, but I’d guesstimate about 100 reusables, 20 pages, and maybe 50 tables. There was 0 downtime, and had only one hiccup, being a plug-in didn’t migrate over seamlessly, however, our technical support specialist fixed the problem in less than 10 minutes. They make it SO easy.

  2. Absolutely. You’ll notice a marked increase in speed on not only production version, but your dev versions and the editor. It does not, however, replace the need for optimized workflows, elements, reusables, searches, etc.

  3. There’s a neat e-book floating around on the topic of performance in Bubble. I’ll try to dig it up for you this weekend. In short, though, advanced filtering can and will take a toll on your app. We’ve had great success paginating repeating groups, simplifying filters, optimizing searches, and rebuilding complex elements that may not have been built in the best way. I’ll add more to this a bit later when I have some time, but my DMs are open if you have any questions.

tl;dr: I love dedicated. If your company can justify the cost and you use Bubble for major business operations, I say pull the trigger ASAP.


The Ultimate Guide to Bubble Performance - 156 pages of optimizing tips

Absolutely great e-book by Petter, and he also more recently made one on bubble security.
Both great reads and absolutely key for bubble newcomers to read. (Also beneficial for more advanced users)


@ricardopipeimob Looks like you have your answer, looks like bubble is doing something right with the enterprise plans

Everyone here knows that I struggle with loading times on my SPA which looks to be maybe 1/10th the size of your app.

When // If you upgrade, please report back to us all your findings. We can optimize our apps to hell and back, but sometimes you’ve just gotta pay to play.

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This is an amazing thread! Glad to hear that the enterprise plan delivers!

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That’s the one! Thanks for the help, @nico.dicagno

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More info here than on all of the Bubble Enterprise marketing pages!


Agreed! Now I’m just curious what each of these users are paying - anyone interested in sharing?


Hi @georgecollier
First of all, thank you for being here,
Of course I can share the product link:
It is a system for real estate agencies, which manages apartment and house transactions.

We are reducing the number of plugins, we have already managed to remove 20!

And our editor is really very slow!


Hi @gilles ,

Thank you very much for your answer, lots of interesting information,
It was because of your response and that of others here in this thread that we decided to move forward with contracting the dedicated plan!

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:


Hi @BrianHenderson ,

Thank you very much for your answer, lots of interesting information,
Your answer was the most complete I’ve ever seen,
Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions,
It was because of your response and that of others here in this thread that we decided to move forward with contracting the dedicated plan!

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:
I took a look at your company and it’s a sensational idea, congratulations, much success to you and your company!


Hi @clay.a ,

Thank you very much for your answer, lots of interesting information,
It was because of your response and that of others here in this thread that we decided to move forward with contracting the dedicated plan!

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much for sharing! @nico.dicagno

Hello @drixxon
I will definitely share it here my friend,

Hello @msgiblin
Bubble asked me for $4200 per month to migrate to the Enterprise plan,
He said it’s because of the size of the application,
because prices start from $3500.


Thanks for that insight, very helpful!