More info about Bubble's Dedicated Plans

Hey y’all,

My name is Alicia, and I’m a Dedicated Account Management team member here at Bubble. We’re a relatively new team, so we’d like to introduce ourselves! We work with users on Dedicated plans and folks considering them to help understand if they’re the right fit for each unique situation. Our goal is to ensure Bubble meets your needs as you scale.

If you are looking for functionality or support beyond what is available in our online plans, that’s where our team comes in. With a Dedicated plan, you get your own instance of Bubble operating on a Bubble-managed AWS server. You’ll have server resources all to yourself, and your apps will be isolated from all other Bubble apps. Dedicated plans also include:

  • Enhanced security and reliability
  • Ability to host multiple apps on one plan
  • Dedicated server hosted in the region of your choice
  • Static IP
  • Direct database access
  • More granular Cloudflare settings
  • Control over the timing of Bubble updates
  • Up to 20 years of data backup and restoration
  • Highest priority support with an Account Manager and Technical Success Management team

Whether you’re a founder scaling quickly or working with sophisticated enterprise clients, we’re here to help ensure you can bring your Bubble app’s requirements to life. Interested in talking about how we can help? Email my team at



Could you please further elaborate on the advantages of this since the new pricing plans?

From what I understand, all apps are on maximum capacity now, and only restricted by WU‘s?

Thank you

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Good question! Dedicated plans differ from the new pricing plans because they don’t measure WUs. Server resources include app CPUs, database CPUs, cache RAM, file storage, and database storage. All resources can be shared across multiple apps on a Dedicated server and scaled a la carte depending on your apps’ needs and growth.


i made some calculations in the bubble pricing thread that showed that for certain freemium app models where only a small % of users pay $5 a month, 10k-100k users is not something you want with bubble as WUs are so expensive compared to AWS.
does switching to dedicated mean i just pay a fixed amount per month and no longer more money per workflow my apps consume. or is just the WU factor [or compute factor; there is obviously some overlap to the resources you list above] used compared to lower tier app plans smaller?

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@alicia.schiff to save yourself getting a bunch of pointless inquiries, can you provide a ballpark figure for where Bubble’s dedicated plan pricing starts? I have a very low intensity app (both in terms of users and workload units) but having the ability to customize AWS region, enhance security, and increase data backup retention period are features I would greatly appreciate. For an app with just a handful of users I’m guessing the pricing on a dedicated plan would be prohibitively expensive, but maybe you could provide some insight?

The billing depends on several factors: the location of the dedicated server, the number of apps supported, and the specifics of the server configuration, such as how many CPUs you need or how extensive your database is. For some customers, it’s a fixed annual commitment based on their needs, and for others, the configuration occasionally changes as they scale over time.


Good point, Kent! Dedicated plans start at a few thousand USD per month and depend on the factors listed above. The actual cost depends on the individual configuration – we‘d want to take a look at the app and the specific requirements to understand what‘s the right solution for each use case.


Hi @alicia.schiff ,

Marcel at EcoMap here. Can you elaborate more on ‘Direct database access’?


Price range is 3500-5500mtl, contracts yearly

Price can go up based on server capacity
No WU limits
Api timeout can be changed

Direct read acess to postgrid database (no write)

In my opinion expensive but also worth it when you have multiple apps on one server

Located where u want

Dsgvo ready

Update: My German Lawer approved everthing if implemeted correctly is DSGVO approved to me.


@alicia.schiff thanks for the introduction.

I believe it would be beneficial for Bubble to introduce a self-hosted dedicated plan. This would be greatly appreciated by teams who possess the technical expertise to manage their own Bubble dedicated server, and it could also provide a more cost-effective solution for those who seek it.


How is 5k worth it when a normal dedicated server with an Intel Xeon-E 2136 would cost $180 a month if you build on something where you own your code and don’t become trapped to price gouging.


Consider the server management cost as well in that $3.5 - $5.5k. I assume Bubble handles all of that management. I have a $75,000/year USD web administrator who handles a few of these for our company for our custom software projects. The crap that guy goes through is mind numbing.


Many of us are web administrators ourselves, but either way you are not trapped to the individual you have hired; but you are trapped to bubble. So let’s say you are fine with the stated cost and spend the next four or six years developing your application. Now let’s say they try to do an absurd price increase again and your 3.5k monthly bubble cost is now 13k. What do you do? You can’t just leave, you would be starting from scratch and it could take you two or more years to replicate what you spent the last four+ years working on. Your only real option is to shut down. That is what a lot of us are already forced to do come October 1st, 2024. We don’t own our code, and most of us can not afford the price increase from 150-300 to 1,500-1,700+ (a ten fold increase for most of us). Bubble is rather predatory, they know they have you trapped.

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This is correct! The Dedicated server is hosted on a Bubble-managed AWS instance, and we have a team of Engineers & Technical Success Managers who monitor & manage that environment to ensure optimal performance for Dedicated users.


Well, my software team costs $35,000/month in payroll… and each requests a 3 - 7% raise each year along with healthcare benefits, 401k, etc. Pick your poison my brother :joy: I feel your pain, but I can tell you the other side ain’t so peachy itself. I own the code we write… but getting a new dev on code that someone else developed… oh boy. “I guess I need to re-write this whole thing so I can write it better” lol. I am myself trapped cuz I can’t read the thousands of lines of code they write each day… whereas with Bubble, even with no programming skills, I have a chance to compete.

P.S. Not trying to deflate your concerns :slight_smile: Just offering my 2 cents worth of perspective!


to be honest, in my opinion, that you can host mulitple own apps on one dedicaded for me was the thing why this is ok for me. also my lawer (german lawer) approved everything is gdpr compliant.

So we will have all our apps on the dedicated, so the price is more then fair. Also we saved so much money and time on development.

RN it is still a comparison to normal software devs, maybe when time change prices will go down with competition.
For now i think if you want to work with number 1 they should get the money. there is no product as good as bubble on the market and i test since 2018 everything in nocode.

team - i dare you to make higher prices haha but currently it is fine.


Lock-in is the tax for any convenience and benefits provided by most services today. You can apply the same argument for any cloud service. The only difference is how much of a hassle it’ll be to migrate.

You sound like you could have picked to build your own full stack but you chose to build on Bubble for the conveniences it provides.

I assume you did the risk assessments that come with it? If you didn’t then it’s on you isn’t it? With your web admin experience you should be better equipped to weigh the pros and cons of locking yourself in to an ecosystem this airtight.

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I can see that you have not been here that long, I have been here since 2018. When you have been here for 5 years you expect price increases, for example I was originally paying $90, then that went up to $120 then $140 which was fine, you will find that I never complained about that. But you really think that convenience lock in philosophy still applies when that goes to $1,700? Obviously I can’t just stick around with a 10 fold price increase, I’ll go bankrupt. They want to give me a 170% monthly increase on a whim.


What’s my time with Bubble got to do with anything? Bubble’s was not the first service I’ve tried to build a side hustle on. I decided to stick with Bubble after trying and paying for multiple no-code platforms because it allowed me the flexibility and features I was looking for.

I’ve been using Adobe products for a decade and guess what I now pay a crap ton more because they decided to switch to a cloud subscription. I could have moved to other options but Adobe still tops my list with their suite of tools and convenient features.

If anything it shows that you are not discerning enough web administrator to not have an exit or an alternative after the previous price increase despite being on Bubble since 2018. Nor did you realize that Bubble’s pricing was not sustainable as it was, before the recent price increase, despite being an experienced web administrator.

Price increases suck but let’s not pretend that investing in any closed ecosystem doesn’t come with great risk and closing our eyes and ears going lalala will keep the bad things away.


Because an increase from 140 to 1,700 is perfectly reasonable. And exit strategy? There is no such thing, the only one that can exist is redoing everything from scratch. I’m not using bubble for simple applications than can be reproduced overnight. “Nor did you realize that Bubble’s pricing was not sustainable as it was” BS, it’s not like they have been in the red since 2016 and just now in 2023 need a 170% markup to stay afloat. You are completely irrational, I can’t wait for you to get constant WU overages. I get 500 unique visitors a day, that does not exactly require a server farm to keep online, it could run fine on VPS I guarantee it.