High memory usage issue

Has anyone experienced a high memory usage issue before? Specifically, when I create more than 100 rows within the repeating group, the memory usage reaches hundreds of megabytes, and when the number increases further, it easily surpasses 1 gigabyte. This is not normal at all.

While Bubble is comfortable for me in many aspects as a developer, memory usage is a deal breaker for me, and if I can’t find a solution, I’ll have to go back to React and start from scratch…

What does the repeating group display? What data are you downloading to the page?
You have control over this, and if you are downloading 1000s heavy dataThings on to a repeating group, memory usage will go up dramatically.
Bubble does not only download data which is displayed on the page (This is something which is on their roadmap but for the time being we’ll have to deal with it). Check on the debugger what exactly is being downloaded.

There are a lot of apps which popuplate a repeating group with a dataThing with 100s of rows, some of which are unstructured. And this really makes stuff slow.
Making a linked dataType which only contains data you want to display on the repeating group can be a good solution in some cases.

Create as in draw or as in create DB records? if you mean display, why are you showing hundreds in a RG?