My app performs WORSE with new responsive engine

My app uses four times more browser memory with the new responsive engine. Has anybody else seen such a performance drop?

Before my single page app was using about 100mb of browser memory, now it’s north of 400mb. I’ve not yet deployed the newly upgrade app to production because of the problem - so I’m only running in preview mode.

Has anybody else experienced a similar drop in performance? How did you resolve it? Or has your app performed better (use less browser memory / faster response / load times)?


400kb really isn’t a lot of browser memory. Do you mean mb?

Yes sorry I meant 400mb, have updated original post.

Interesting! Some of that performance difference may have to do with how caching is handled on dev versus production.

Would love more transparency about performance details from @Bubble team.

Our team would like to look into these performance concerns- in order for us to do so, please submit a bug report to our investigations team here: Bug Report | Bubble

Thanks, I contacted Bubble support and it appears there is a bug with repeating groups, where repeating groups with rows with a minimum height less than 50 px don’t vertically scroll properly.

After making the row size 50 px the app uses less browser memory, so that seems to be the main issue!

Bubble are working on a fix for this! Fingers crossed.


Great catch, thanks for reporting this


UPDATE: Bubble support say unfortunately the bug is quite difficult to fix as it requires some reworking of their architecture, and since they haven’t seen a huge number of impacted users, they expect this to take a bit of time.

It’s being treated as a project on their roadmap, rather than an immediate bug they need to resolve.

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Right so basically make sure repeating groups all have a min height >50px and it’s happy days

Seems like the new responsive does not deal well with Repeating Groups.

Take a look at this also if you have experienced: Release of Deferred Drawing Logic for performance improvements - #21 by boston85719

Not quite. Repeating groups must have rows with a minimum height of no less than 40px, not repeating groups themselves.

As my site resembles an RSS reader this is quite bad news for me as I can’t display as many rows on the screen as my app did on the old responsive engine.

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Have you tested?

Can’t believe Bubble team will allow this to happen.

I mean it’s ok to have bugs but worst performance when we are all the time asking for performance …

That’s odd.

I’m having a similar issue with 9 layers of nested repeating groups to make a directory menu of folders (trees of data). I adjusted the minimum size to 50px, but it had no affect on my performance issues.

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