Highlight and select multiple RG cells / text

I’ve been looking all over the Bubble forums for a way to highlight and select multiple RG cells in one drag motion (not just by clicking each cell one by one and adding to a custom state).

Anyone have any suggestions? Even if it involves javascript or something. I just want to ultimately be able to save that data to a custom state so I can access it (as data, not plain text)

Here’s a video to demonstrate what I’m looking for:

[video removed]


This one might be of help. It exposes a state on the selected text.

@lantzgould Thanks, but I’m not sure that quite does it because it’s only selecting the text, not the RG cells and the data those cells hold (each word of text also has other corresponding fields like a start and end time). I also want to highlight those cells.

Anything else you’d suggest or am I incorrect about my understanding of that plugin? Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks for reaching out.

As you mentioned earlier, the Select RG Cells by Dragging plugin’s functional is pretty close to required.
This plugin allows you to implement repeating group cell selection by dragging over cells.

You will be able to choose an element within your repeating group cell that you would like to make selectable, this means when the selector square is drawn over its position it will become selected. On your chosen element you should add the exact ID from the ‘DragSelect’ element’s field, followed by (dynamic data) the Current cell’s index.

For designing UI when items are selected refer to the page’s state, ‘Selected Cells contains Current cell’s index’. Although the plugin element itself does provide a list of selected cells, we refer to the page’s state to allow for modifying the list with other interfaces.

To discover more about this plugin, kindly ask you to analyze the documentation for it: RG Drag Select - Zeroqode Documentation

In case any additional questions will appear- please let us know.
Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team

Hi @ZeroqodeSupport,

The function of selecting multiple cells is what I need, however, as you can see from my video, these cells are unlikely to be easily selectable with a square/rectangle shape selector as they’re words and that would be tough to select say the 6th word in on a sentence/line and the 1st word from the next line down. You’d end up selecting a bunch of other irrelevant cells/words.

That’s why a drag / highlighting type approach is what I’m looking for vs. a rectangle area selector.

Like this:
Date Clicking & Selecting - Docs | FullCalendar]

…Which I know this is offered as a plugin in Bubble so I know the functionality is there, but I don’t need a calendar.

I read the documentation, but am I mistaken?

Any other thoughts? Suggestions? Thank you.

@ZeroqodeSupport you seem to have that functionality in this plugin where you can drag to cursor along the calendar grid and be more precise (both on the top and bottom examples in the link below).

How is that achieved? Looks like the functionality I’m looking is possible, I just don’t know how to go about it.

Hello, @alex.pethick

Please note that the mentioned Select RG Cells by Dragging plugin allow you to select elements by highlighting an area and by clicking on the elements. So, it is convenient for you. However, you can check the Demo Page of the plugin to discover it’s functional.

I’m afraid, mentioned functionality, from the Full Calendar, can’t be implemented into the Select RG Cells by Dragging plugin, because both of them are using different libraries.

Please note that this function is available only for Calendar Element. You can read more about this plugin by reading this documentation: https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/zq-drag-n-drop-calendar-plugin

As I understand, you are trying to find the solution for your use case in other our plugins, but it is impossible, unfortunately, to take the piece of requested functionality from some product and use it separately as per your request.

The only recommendation I can make is to use the Select RG Cells by Dragging plugin. Let us please investigate carefully this plugin to make sure it can fit all your needs.

Thanks! :pray:
Zeroqode Support Team

Hello, @alex.pethick

We have investigated your question repeatedly and based on the requirements, the Select RG Cells by Dragging plugin is match your needs.
This plugin allows you to implement repeating group cell selection by dragging over cells or by clicking on them.

Please take a look at the plugin’s documentation one more time: https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/rg-drag-select

In case of any additional questions will appear - please let us know and we will assist you.
Zeroqode Support Team/

For anyone who comes across this thread, I ended up using the “Active Cell” plugin for this:

The creator of the plugin @lottemint.md has been super helpful so far in helping me with questions :slight_smile:

The Zeroqode one on this occasion didn’t quite do what I was looking for.

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This plugin is a very handy one for a lot of cases. Thanks for mentioning it!

Regarding the selecting stuff -


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