Beautiful table to select multiple items


I am looking for a plugin that will give my user the possibility to select multiple rows within an RG (something like in the screenshot) and then schedule actions.

Most plugins do not offer the possibility to select rows.

Do you know a plugin that can do it ?

You can do that without a plugin.
Just use a state to store each selected cell (The state will be a list of the data type of RG). when use click, add item to the State if the state doesn’t contain current cell item. remove item when state contain current item cell.
You can process the WF on this list of selected item after.
Maybe some “table” plugin like tabulator can do that (or maybe plugin author can add this feature).

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@Jici beat me to it, but here you go anyways…

You don’t need a plug in for this. Proceed as follows:

  1. Add a circle icon to your RG on the left of the cell.
  2. Add a custom state to your page called something like “Selected Cell”, make it of the same data type as your RG source and make it a list.
  3. Add a workflow on click of the icon that adds the current cell to the custom state, and add a when condition that says “The custom state doesn’t contain this cell”.
  4. Copy your workflow from step 3 and change the doesn’t contain to does contain and change the add to minus.
  5. Add a condition to your icon that says when the custom state contains this cell make it a check icon.

Now your custom state contains the cells yu want to run the workflow on.


I found this youtube tutorial to be very helpful in demonstrating how to implement selectable rows in a repeating group: Select all Items in a Repeating Group - Tutorial - YouTube