Highlight current cell in a repeating group when clicked

I have saw this topic treated in Septeber 21, but the solution was in a video that was deleted or deactivated.
This topic was a help needed by @SlamDuncan and the solution came from @rpetribu

Can you put the solution here again?

Thank you very much.

I believe a simple solution for this would be to have a State attached to the repeating group, and when you click on the cell, set the state as that sells UID or something, and if the state = that cells UID (or whatever you use), just have the background color different.

I did this, but when I select the first cell work well, but when you select the next one, the backgroud of the first doesnt change the backgroud, like star white, then I click, the backgroud turns black, but when I select other cell, the backgroud of the cell clicked before doesnt return to white.

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