Hiring Bubble Developer (Mintor)

Hi, we’re hiring a Bubble developer to assist with the finishing pieces of our product, Mintor, which is an app to help entrepreneurs meet the right people at the right time. We’re hiring someone who can implement an API integration with Nylas and a few other finishing touches so we can launch the product. See more about the position here: https://doc.clickup.com/p/h/27nj4-651/312dcae02cf4d38

Please feel free to PM me with any questions.

Hello, I can help you with this. We can create a contract via Fiverr and get this done as soon as possible.

Looking forward to working with you.

Hi sknight,

Which part of the Nylas API are you planning to integrate with your web app?

Kindly have a look at my portfolio link below and let me know if you’re interested to discuss further about the scope of your project.

FYI, @primedevs is a great developer too. :wink:


No-Code Venture

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We are looking for a creative, multi-talented junior or mid-level developer

fluent in Python, HTML5/CSS, and JavaScript

Sound like you are looking for upper middle, senior developer.

Hello, I can help you with this.

Hi @primedevs
I’m looking for a part time Bubble developers(Up to 20hrs per week) for my client who needs Bubble developers.
If you are still looking out, can you directly message me?

Thank you,