[Hiring][CLOSED] Create Voting Page

I am hiring a Bubbler to build a page that will allow logged in users to vote on item(s) in a list.

Example page: https://coinsniper.net/

The ability to add and remove items from the list will also be needed of course. It’s still being decided whether items will be added from the backend, or if we’ll let users submit items to be approved by us and then listed on the page (or both).

A page design will be provided. We’ll make sure the design stays fairly simplistic as I know Bubble is a bit limited in that area, especially when it comes to mobile. But the design is important still.

I think the above will be sufficient to launch the page, but more work is likely available in the future to further improve and build out this page into something more.

Please message me a quote and a brief summary of the experience you have that makes you suitable to build this.

Liking the post and/or commenting after applying would be appreciated :slight_smile:


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Hi thanks a bunch for the messages. I’ve filled the spot as of now, I’ll change the title for now and revert it if things change :slight_smile:

Hey Jack, check your dm.