Stripe.js - anyone using the latest plugin?

Hi all - I am building a marketplace and cannot create a seller using stripe.js 1.8.10 since Stripe removed the legal_entity parameter.

Although @copilot recommends staying with 1.8.10 it looks like that plugin won’t be usable after a while (it already seems like it cannot be used to create a seller).

My thoughts are to upgrade and live in beta for a while - is anyone dong this? Any results you can share?

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Are you in the EU? I would suggest you using Bubbles own plugin since it’s SCA compliant. Also, it’s much more easy and register a user as a seller works.

I am in Canada, building for the local market and eventually the USA. It just seems like stripe.js from @copilot is updated sooner than the bubble plugin and is more flexible. But thank you for the suggestion, I will compare the two again since I haven’t used the Bubble plugin in a while.

Thank you @jaos.pcl !

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bump… looking for feedback from anyone using the latest stripe.js plugin version built by @copilot

I’m using 1.8.10. Waiting for @copilot’s video to come out. I was told it would be released last month :man_shrugging:

I was on that version too but because of the issue with creating Sellers, I have now migrated to the latest 1.9.85 beta version, in anticipation of the Ver 2 from @copilot

We’re well on our way for release this month. :slight_smile:

Super ! Any indication of a date?

Also, any update on the Platform Payments 2 course?

@copilot - any news?

There does not seem to be a good option for Stripe integration on Bubble at the moment.

Hey @tristan.adlington,

We’ve been tracking behind on a number of items for a number of reasons including upcoming products and services. However, we have been giving many users access to Stripe.js 2 in advance! Give us a shout and we’d be happy to explore what we can do for you. :slight_smile:

@copilot - I would like access to stripe.js 2 as well please. How do we go about this?

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