[Hiring] Modifying Zeroqode Coursely Template


I’m Julian, in New York. I would like to add a feed of 3-5 minute, free educational video content to the Zeroqode Coursely template (Udemy clone), which would link to the paid courses available. I am interested in building myself with a collaborator or consultant, but am open to different ways of reaching the goal of an MVP. Would like to get started asap!

Again, the app is: (1) feed of new short-form educational videos with links to (2) standard Udemy style video-based paid courses.

This would be MVP + possible long-term with a more substantial budget, assuming buy-in from partners after the MVP.


Hey Julian! :wave:

Welcome to the Bubble community! I can help you with some Bubble tutoring if you would like. I would connect via web conference software and allow you to share your screen as I walk you through your project and help you with suggestions as you go.

If that is something you would be interested in you can sign up for a 1 or 2 hour tutoring session at www.NoCodeMinute.com and see my schedule of availability.

Most of my students meet with me about once or twice a week to work on their projects together. Hope to talk with you soon!