Ho do I implement Dynamic string/text building + String interpolation

Hi there! Do you happen to know the good way for string interpolation solution (other than “find and replace”), and also dynamic string building?

I need to write following task:

I have an object called “Example”, it has a few parameters (text, type, keywords, etc).

I am trying to dynamically build a text that contains all Examples with a filter + apply the additional formating (###, %, etc)

So, given:
Ex 1 {type=foo1, text=bar1}
Ex2 {type=foo2, text=bar2}

I need to have an output of:
%My type is foo1 with text bar1%

%My type is foo2 with text bar2%

Ideally I need this to be dynamic (so it doesnt require a workflow ruin to change it)

I can’t do it manually, since I have to combine a large string from many Example objects.

Any suggestions how to solve this? Thanks


Have you tried using a mix of static and dynamic expressions? You could hard code the “%” values before and after the dynamic data.

Oh, interesting, I havent heard of this. Could you send any additional info on the usage of % with dynamic data? Thank you

In the text element’s input text field, you can hard code a % and then add dynamic data after this character and then add another % after the dynamic data.

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