Hold automatic download and save the file in bubble system

Hello everyone,
I don’t know if there is a solution to my problem but I still try to ask for your help.
I am using a plugin that generates a docx file that upon completion starts an automatic download
and doesn’t allow me to intervene and capture the file beforehand.

For me it would be very important not to allow the automatic download but to save the file in bubble system.

Is there any way to block the automated downolad and save the plugin generated file in bubble system?
The plugin is as follows: Docx Word Magic Plugin | Bubble

I would be extremely grateful if any of you would help me.
Thank you

You will need to make a request to the plugin author

Hi @Jici ,
thank you for your reply. I’ve already made the request to the author and I’m not 100% sure he will give me support (I haven’t received a reply yet) so I was thinking of alternative solutions.

Do you have any other ideas (excluding the possibility of using another plugin)?

Thank you very much


Hey Dario,

Did you received any solution from the plugin creator?
I have an issue when trying to pass information to the docx file. My element is a multilineinput that shows the text form an OPEN AI API call and i keep getting the error in JSONin. When i use plain text that i write in the multilineinput it does work.
If you could help id appreciate it very much.

Thanks in advance

Hi Arturo,
Nice to meet you.
Maybe is the syntax/json formatting problem but I would need more details to tell you for sure.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any response from the creator.
But I found another plugin that works for me and the creator has been very supporting. Now I have no problem and the creator is always available to help you.
Give it a try and me know how it goes.
Here is the link