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Horizontal scroll still appears bar

Hello everyone, as you can see in the image below there is still a scroll bar on my ID. already added the html to remove this bar and it works! but only when there is data in the RG (my RG only appears when a condition is true). when my ID is empty (because the condition on it is false) the bar is there showing that there is kkk and I want that place to be collaps when my condition is false

Where is your html code that removes this bar? Is it in an html element somewhere on your page or is it somewhere else?

apologies for the delay. the code is inside the RG in an invisible HTML element. it seems to work when the RG isn’t empty, and when it’s empty it’s this bar and taking its place.the idea was that he was collapsing freeing that space.

Is there a reason the HTML element has to be inside the RG? It makes sense that the HTML element isn’t working when the RG doesn’t have data as it sounds like the condition you have is to hide the RG when there is no data in it. If that is true, then when the RG is hidden, so is the HTML element and therefore the code won’t work to hide your scroll bar as there is no code to be run. If it has to be inside your RG for some reason, then you will need a separate one outside your RG that is shown when your RG is hidden

hahahahaha seems to me juvenile error! I believe it’s because I’m involved in the project and you don’t see these details. I’ll try and get back to you. but I believe that’s it and I wasn’t seeing it. thank you

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