How to remove horizontal scroll bar in RG on all devices

Hi Bubblers,

How can we remove the horizontal scroll bar in RG’s on all devices? With the below code referenced in an HTML element from the ID attribute of the RG, it does hide the horizontal scroll bar on my macbook and iphone. However, it does not hide when viewed on my 2nd monitor or when others view on their windows machines. Is there a better way to hide the scroll bar on all devices?


Hi Jason… Each browsers implement this in their own ways. Even with custom CSS included to hide the RG’s, some browsers will still show it. There is no perfect solution for this as far as I know :slight_smile:


If you write this code, it will disappear on both windows and mac.
It disappeared on my windows and mac.

I have confirmed it on chrome, safari and Edge.

    display: none;

Thanks, @yuta . Would I put this code in an HTML element, and then reference it in the RG’s ID attribute somehow or what would be the correct steps?

Thank you so much!

Just put it in the hetter of the application.

All RGs seem to have a .RepeatingGroup, so all you have to do is write that code.


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