Horizontal scrolling for repeating group

Hello I would like to have a repeating group that I can scroll horizontally as I will be putting a lot of texts, including the group above the repeating group for the headers like the video above. May I know how to do it?

My current one is the picture that is shown. So there will be more fields hence may I know how should I do the horizontal scrolling and putting in more text field in the repeating group?


When you click on the repeating group element, there are settings that pop up in the property editor. If you select Horizontal Scroll in the Layout Style section, this will make your repeating group scrollable from left to right.

Hi @dazhane I think you misunderstood my question.

My repeating group is using fixed number of cell. What I will like to do is to put more text field to the right in my repeating group. However, there is not enough space for me to put more text field to the right in the repeating group. I cannot increase the width of the repeating group as it will look very ugly in my website. So I would like to have a horizontal scroll to the right to show more text fields within the fixed width repeating group.

Have you considered placing a horizontal scrolling repeating croup within the first cell of this repeating group?

Hi @dazhane . I tried it just now it does not work.
The editor mode:

The website:

(The database used is different)
May I know how should I do it?

Here’s a simple test page I created that displays a horizontal repeating group inside of a vertical repeating group. Both repeating group’s also have different content types.

App Editor: Work-test-app | Bubble Editor
Demo Page: Bubble | No-code apps

I also highly recommend that you add your feedback on this feature to our Ideaboard. Here you can submit feature requests and also vote on ideas that other users have shared. Our product team also regularly monitors this and uses it to inform our roadmap!

Hi, really thank you so much for your guidance. It kind of did give me some inspiration on how to do it even though it doesn’t really match my database. Really thank you for your effort. I have uploaded it to the ideaboard, wish that it can be implemented in the future.

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