Horizontal scrolling repeating group - dynamic content


So as you can see in the video, I’ve got a repeating group (with dynamic content) set to horizontal scrolling. I need it to dynamically grow horizontally. At the moment the group just scrolls within a fixed width.


Here are the setting for the repeating group

Any ideas?

@daniel.abebe Hey Daniel, can you help here?

My guess is that your Repeating Group is in a group or container that has a fixed-width or a max width. The rest looks good.

@daniel.abebe Just checked and the neither repeating group or any containers have a fixed or maximum width set.

Can you share your editor link and make sure everyone can view in your settings under general (first line)

Hey @daniel.abebe, done thanks! Here is the editor https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=service&id=slinkyservice&tab=tabs-1

The “responsiveness” of your repeating group is relative to its container. If you want the repeating group to fill the container, you will need to either a) reduce the parent element size to be the exact size of the repeating group or b) increase the size of the repeating group so that it covers the entire container width.

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@daniel.abebe Hmm, still no luck. I tried with the the repeating groups and even the floating group at the same width. It’s like that now.

Looks like you have a repeating group inside of a smaller repeating group so the scroll area will only be so wide.

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