Horizontal scrolling images

Im trying to set up a group of clickable images to scroll through. First problem, I cannot get the images to display on the actual page. Second problem, I cannot scroll through the group of images. I first create a ‘group’ box then place a ‘repeating group’ box inside the ‘group’ box then place an image inside the ‘repeating group’ box and that’s where Im stuck. Someone please help!

Hello @mbellteck,

  • Create a thing in the database (in other words … a data-type). I am going to call it frame (you can call it as you wish)
  • Add an image type field to it. I am going to call it picture (you can call it as you wish)
  • In your RG search for frames
  • In your image element set the dynamic image box to "current cell’s frame’s picture value’
  • Load your database with a few entries so that when you preview the page … the RG will have data to load

Hope this helps! :+1:

Thank you that did help a bit. :+1:t4: :+1:t4: