Horizontal Scrolling in RG stopped working

Anybody got any idea why Horizontal Scrolling in a RG would stop working? I have a idential element on two pages, and in both, although I have made no changes to those pages, I notice the horizontal scrolling has stopped working.

do you have heavy data in the RG? sometimes the cells take som time to load before they show up if theres heavy stuff to load, be patient while dragging until they loads…

It’s up to 10 images. The first three are loading as normal - which is what can fit in the RG without scrolling - and then nothing else loads. This was working fine before and I am sure nothing has changed - especially given it is the same case on two separate pages. I guess this might be one for customer support.

Funny question, but I have to ask. Is there any data associated with the type of the repeating group?

Probably a good question actually. I’m not 100% sure my answer will be correct because a) this is where I get terminology mixed up a bit and b) my app is partly built from a template, but:

No I don’t think there is a data type. I have images that are directly uploaded to S3 and then a Project will have a list of “Images” - but these are not their own data type. It is these Images that are showing/not-showing in the RG.

but again - this was working fine before. Something changed in Bubble?

well, strangely, it works again without me having changed anything, which makes me think it must have been a browser issue. I did read that somewhere else that this had happened to someone else then also just spontaneously started working again.

Hmm… weird

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