Image display - multiple "lists of images" viewable in 1 group

I have a Data Type “Listing”, which is a product customers can upload.
In Listing I have multiple fields “List of Images”.
When I view a Listing I would like to see all these different Lists of images in 1 repeating group.
This way viewers of the product can scroll to them in 1 list.
How would I best do this? Any tips?

Thank you.

You just need to use a Repeating Group with an image element inside… then set the datasource of the RG to the list of images, and the image source to the current cell’s image.

But I have multiple lists of images in the Data Type and I want them all to be together in 1 repeating group. If I do this I only get 1 list of images. I can only set the datasource to 1 of the lists but I want them all from 1 Listing.

No… the image RG needs to be inside your main RG.

RG: Type of Content “Image”, DataSource “Current page’s Listing…” and then I have to choose 1 of the lists of images.
But I need all of the lists of images inside the Listing.
So that doesn’t work.
Image inside the RG is set to Current cel’s image.

What exactly are you trying to do? (maybe give an example)

Simple example: A box.
A box is submited as a Listing (Data Type).
Customers can upload mulitple pictures of all sides.
So front side is a list of images in Listing.
Back side is a list of images in Listing.
Right side…
Left side…
All these “lists of images” are shown in their own RG on a page.
But at the top of the page I want ALL images of ALL sides together shown in 1 RG lets say.
How can I do this?
Only solution I see now is a repeating group for each side and put them next to eachother.
But I want to be able to click on the image so it gets bigger in a popup with a “next” button so they can scroll through all pictures, which isn’t possible if I do this in multiple RG.
I can’t put them all together in 1 list in the data base because I need the ability to recall each side specificly.

If you want them all to display in a single RG, then just add the RG with a content type of image, and it’s datasource all the various lists of images merged together.

Although, personally I wouldn’t use different list fields for the different types of images (I probably wouldn’t use a list field at all), but rather an option set (or datatype) to determine which type of image it is. That would make things a lot simpler and more efficient.

But in any case, just merge the lists together in your RG datasource.

Thats the problem,
You can’t add more then 1 data source.
“Current page’s listing, DATA FIELD”.

I never said add more than 1 datasource.

I said set the datasource to the various lists merged.