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Horizontal scrolling repeating group

Hi there,

Do you know if there’s a way to get an infinite horizontal scrolling repeating group? I guess there’s a way but I can’t find it.

Thanks a lot guys!

Not really. You can have a do regularly event that goes to next and have the group on one line, but we don’t have a layout that lets users scroll by themselves. Not sure I’ve seen such layouts on the web.

I think he meant something like the new Product Hunt design, they now use an infinite horizontal repeating group for their showcase.

I’d also love to use something like this, would it be hard to add?

Nothing is impossible but it’s not a super easy fix. We’ll put this on our list. Can’t commit on a deadline but should be in the coming weeks.

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We just added this. See here an example


Thanks a lot! It seems really nice and will be very useful for mobile.


Very nice, thank you! :slightly_smiling: