Host my bubble site in another domain's subdirectory

I’m not really interested in using a subdomain for this(

My understanding is that this may be possible via a proxy server configuration, which simply points a specific path to bubble’s servers. —> {bubble app’s IP address}

I’m not sure if this would work (for long or at all) because any internal links would in theory be linked to the DNS that bubble is configured with? Anyone have success with this?


Hi Jon, did you find a solution for this?

I would be interested to run a bubble app in a subdirectory of a wordpress site.

I have not looked into it further. My assumption is that bubble does not support this type of URL path configuration. Bubble does support subdomains, however and I will likely implement in that configuration.

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A subfolder is not possible with two different servers.
The proxy solution is not production ready, and it will screw your SEO for sure. There will be no benefits for this.

I’m assuming you are asking this because you want Google to treat both domains as 1?

I’m not sure what you are trying to achieve, but many popular apps are using the subdomain solution and are doing very well.

For example:

If you’ll notice, after searching for a keyword, it will take you to

You can do the same with bubble and WP.


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