WordPress (domain) + Bubble (sub-domain)


I have a reserved domain name and a web host.

I want my bubble application to run on the sub-domain only

And that the rest of the site run under WordPress to benefit from a pre-built theme, modules and seo referencing.

For example, let’s say my domain name is azertyuiop.com

I want my bubble application to run on app.azertyuiop.com

And that the rest of the site be on WordPress

I can even imagine that a forum is also installed on the sub-domain but runs on WordPress, for example: forum.azertyuiop.com

What worries me is that I’d like to be able to make updates, corrections and feature additions on bubble, and that this would update my application on app.azertyuiop.com.

Do you think this is possible?


I don t understand your concern, if you setup bubble domain with app.yourdomain.xx it will run perfectly and will not impact the domain itself or other subdomains

Thank you very much for your feedback,

Do you know where I can learn to integrate bubble only on app.mydomain ?

Hello Matthieu,

You have to create a subdomain in your webhost ¿What webhost do you have?

Then you have to configure the DNS that bubble says in the DNS settings of your subdomain

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Yes this is possible and highly recommended for SEO and page load speed purposes.

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