Hot to add data from an APIto multiple tables

I have three data types that are related: user, birthchart, planets. I want to pull data from an API to fill out the data from a birth chart. Each birthchart will have multiple planets. I’m having a hard time getting it all connected. Is there a simple way to call the API one time and pull all the data in one shot?

When you pull the data from the API, you can either display it in a RG or just capture it with the API call. Then you can use the API data results to save the details you want to the database.

You would need to first be familiar with how to setup and use API data in Bubble.

Thank you. I’ve got a bunch of data coming into the database from the API. I’m using the API to list workflow. Now my challenge is that I’ve got an entry that is joined to another table. How do I fill that one up with data?

The same way you are filling up the first. In workflows, make changes to the first data type, then have another workflow make changes to the other data type.