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How to populate many data rows from api request?

Hi, I’m performing an external api requests (using “API Connector” that returns an array of objects. For example:

     "name": "john",
     "id": 1
      "name": "ringo"
      "id": 2

Given I’ve already have an appropriate data type for these fields, let’s call it Star, is it possible to populate it with this array, so that every object will be another thing in the Star table?

Seems like the data actions enable creating only one thing from a list


Run an API workflow on the list that is returned. Somewhat similar to this …


Thanks for answering this. I wonder why such a basic requirement should be worked-around to be solved :thinking:

Bubble don’t do loops, it works on predefined lists. So not really sure it is a workaround, but agree it is not particularly elegant.

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