Hotel Management System

Hey all Bubbler’s !

My first post over there and in the app since 1 months.

I make a Management system for my little hotel where my workers will be able to look at how much room avaible we have.

I have a problem with the verification if a room is free.

I explain you, I can select arrival date and departure date (it’s 2 date, not a date range).
But I m definetly lost with how I should check if a category of a room (Twin, double, triple) is empty.

I have :

  • DB_Reservation (the booking table, with departure, arrival, etc…)
  • Db_Category (With category)
  • Db_Room (Room etc…)

I want to be able to check if during the arrival and the departure the category twin is avaible, and how many room is left.

Does anyone have a idea ? :slight_smile:
Thank’s for helping, and thank’s to the dev I love bubble!

Hi tamourpro,
Congratulation on starting your first app on bubble,
Let’s start by how you are going to check if the room is free.
I see that there is no room data type in your reservation table.
There are many approaches you could achieve this, but the most convenient and optimal way is to add a room data type into your reservation table. and simply when you want to check if a room is free, you do a search for the room in the reservation table and get the two values of arrival date (check-in) and departure date (check-out). and use specific date range to measure the room availability depending on your specific use case.
I hope this answers your question.
if you have any questions feel free to reach out.

First thank’s for you reply
I m not sure about how to do it, I explain my self wrong

My data structure is like :

  • Category
  • Ext_chambre
  • Ext_tarif


  • numero_Chambre
  • ext_cat
  • ext_client
  • ext_reservation


  • NOM
  • Ext_reservation


  • Arrival
  • Departure


If I m not wrong I should add in DB_Category “Room_avaible” and then by filter make it match with the dates ?

Thank you for providing a clear structure of your database,
I can clearly see that there is no " Association" between your reservation table and your chambre table.
You can approach it like this:
When I store my reservation entry? do I indicate which chambre has been reserved? in your structure provided above you can see that you are stroring the departure date and arrival date as well as the client and tarif but you are not storing the room (chambre) data type in your reservations
how you go about this is
simply add a chambre data type to your reservation like this :

and then you will have access to the Arrival date and departure date and the chambre in one place and you can indicate the availability of the room by using a simple conditional.

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