Hourly Consulting

I’m looking for help on development. I’m not looking for someone to develop for me, I’m looking for someone with expert Bubble skills that can meet with me once or twice a week for an hour to go over things I build and help me troubleshoot and fix things.

I have no problem paying for this service. I suspect I’d need it for 4-5 weeks.

Think of it as part tutor and part help desk.

Just trying to flatten the learning curve as I’m able to do a lot but I’m a hack!

You should be US or Canada based with complete fluency in English and of course Bubble.

Reach out with your contact info. I’m in a fairly big hurry so the sooner the better.

Hi there!

We offer 1-on-1 sessions at nocodify.com/sessions. Let me know if you want more info!


I set up a meeting with you today for consulting. I set it for 1PM EST but when I received the confirmation it said 5PM. Can you meet at 1pm?

Hi, I just booked a session for tomorrow, didn’t receive any link for the zoom meeting, where will I get it?

Hi there - just emailed you!


Wow that was fast lol, Thanks!!