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I’m looking to hire someone to consult with me on a per problem/discussion basis. By the minute would be nice, or by the hour. However, if willing, I would feel much better on a quality solution based payment, where the consultant is clear and concise with an effective solution in terms of advice or explanation. I do not want or expect the consultant to be actually delivering the solutions or working on them. Rather, me explaining or sharing my screen to demonstrate the problem I’m having and then either re-visiting the problem later with the best solution or doing so right away.

Either way, I do not enjoy at all having someone take advantage of my time or pay, so I need someone who understands this and will work with me accordingly. The consultant I need will need to be very ADVANCED and knowledgeable about all aspects of bubble… Ranging from API Workflows, custom API configurations, custom plug-in creations, custom templates, custom HTML/CSS/JS scripts, etc…

I would want to have the ability to discuss the issues at hand relatively short notice and over the phone. Payment would be made via PayPal after every session. If I like the experience, I will keep using your service, if not - I’ll just let you know.

If interested, please just post a rate/metric and then message me with a phone number to reach you.

Thank you!

  • Brandon
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Hey @brandonhanson0,

You can check out the Bubble Coaches, as @cmarchan suggested- I recommend @J805 with nocodeminute.com :blush:

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Thanks for the ping as always @johnny!

Unfortunately, I don’t know custom plug-in creation or custom HTML/CSS/JS scripts.

Thanks for thinking of me though. I hope @brandonhanson0 can find an advanced coder/coach that can fit his requirements.

I definitely don’t think I qualify for this one. :blush:

@j805 www.NoCodeMinute.com

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Thanks for the tips/advice. If there is anyone else interested in said opportunity, please reach out to me ASAP. I’d like to get started right away.