Housing marketplace for countries that has no adressess

I’m building a marketplace for houses on Bubble. I’m facing a problem while building. The marketplace is for a country where the streets don’t have names.

So the real estate agents can not enter an adres to display the houses that are for sale in google maps. I managed to build a function where the agents can pick the house on google maps and extract the coordinates longitude and altitude. And from here I get stuck. I want the listed houses to appear on the homepages google maps and the search results pages. I want it to be visible for people. People have to see on google maps where the houses are located. But the houses that are listed with a real adress are being showed on the homepage’s google maps but the houses that are listed with coordinates not.

I don’t know what i’m doing wrong.
How can i save the coordinates to the database? i think I haven’t even done this. Maybe if I could do that i will be visible on the homepages google maps? Or should I be doing something else?

Can anybody tell me if it is even possible to show all the houses that are being listed based on coordinates to a google maps? If so, how?

About the printscreen, the generated adress is not acurate, therefore I can not use it. I want to use longitude and altitude that are more accurate.