How are people implementing user logs / events?

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to figure out a good strategy for implementing event tracking / user logs and i’m wondering whether i should either just build a simple version in bubble or use one of the many third parties. I was wondering what other people have found to be a good strategy.

Via bubble i was thinking of just creating a data type ‘event’ with user attached to the event. My worry is that this could get really big and worry about having such big table in bubble. Would this be the right strategy and is this something to be concerned about? (100,000 active users would generate a lot of logs / events).

But the nice thing would be that i have all the data in one place and it’s cheap.

Third party wise. What have people found to be good and not crazy expensive?


I would also like to hear the solution for this as I had a similar question for one of my projects.

Recommend using segment. It’s fairly easy to implement and configure so you can track any kind of user activity.

I manually went and added a workflow to all my actions that change data. It’s a schedule api workflow, and I just save all the data values in one big text field. It has its limitations though.

I am concerned about the fact that this table is going to be huge, as a new entry is created for pretty much any data change.

Is this what you are looking for?

Thanks. It’s not quite there.

It’s more for tracking user behaviour to be able to use for job matching / marketing.

My main worry about doing it in Bubble is you can quickly get to 1m+ events and that feels like too much overhead for bubble.

@NigelG @romanmg @sridharan.s @keith have any of you got any good tips or experiences for customer data tracking.

Classic events to track

  • user signup
  • searches for a job (criteria)
  • which page views
  • applies for job
  • sent email
  • opens email

Was wondering why Bubble doesn’t have an activity feed we can use. I’m sure the server tracks user activity and they can provide access to this maybe?

I built a log before and I used the database method, but it really slows down the app when you have a lot of users.

Currently at just under a million “logs” and all seems fine.

Obviously searching for a text is problematic, but by user is fine.

Segment is probably better for “click” style events but for general usage just sticking something on a generic log file has been really helpful.