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Hey bubble comunity,

I would like some opinions on this:

I have been thinking about how to allow my app’s users to keep track of their sensitive data activity, for example, appointment booking.

I mean something that would give them the ability to have “logs” of important changes made to their data.
I’ve read a post here about using a mixpanel plugin, but I’m not sure its quite what I would like to have.

I believe everytime there are many people within a company using an app and dealing with company data, it’s good to have a history of who did what, and when. That needs to be on auto mode so users can check by themselves.

So I created a thing called “log” and added a step at the begginig of each important workflow to create a new log with a text field describing what has been done, when and by whom. Second step of the workflow adds the result of the previous to a log list field of the thing being changed in that worflow, for example the cancelation of an appointment.

I´ve set up a page where users can view the logs from above within their data, sorted by creation date.

How do you see this approach? Any easier ways to do this?

Thanks in advance to all contributions


This is such a great post and question. I’ve been seeking the same advice and would really appreciate any experts out there who could answer your post as it would really help me also.

This is my approach:

At the begginig of a workflow I want to save the history, create a new log with an action field type text to describe what was done.

Second step, add the log to a log list field of the things being modified.

Then I have an admin page with RG´s and filters to display data that lets users see the log list (history) of their things.

Solved my problem. I had users wanting to know who made an specific action related to project management. Now they can keep track of activity within the app.

But I would love to have this very well organized and documented and wonder if there better ways to accomplish this.


I´ve wondered about this myself. Eager to see how others have solved this need.

Yes I think your on to it! This would work for me also.
Thanks for posting!

Glad it helps!
I was a little worried it would bring speed issues, but it turned out that my workflows were not affected by this, at least not to the point of irritating me or my users.
I have set up an activity page that shows all the last actions by creation date so anyone within the company can take a quick look and see the last important activities.
It’s awesome how fast we can make improvements in our apps with bubble! A huge update with very little hustle. And users impressed with the new additions!

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