How are "shared parameters for all calls" passed/accessed?

how do access the value of the API’s defined shared parameter in individual calls?

if I use the same name in the call URI as the shared parameter (e.g. shared-param) the API call section is asking me to provide a value, and it is this value that gets passed to the actual API URL.

I’m using the website to inspect the calls and I cannot see the shared parameter’s value anywhere in the requests. It’s not in the URL, body for post, not part of form data, and not in the headers. Looks like it gets omitted completely

I’m having the same issue - from what I’m reading in the forum they’re supposed to be passed in the body of every call but I’m finding that’s not the case

Yeah, this is how I was thinking about the shared parameters, and wanted to use them like @aleksei described. But:

Parameters are querystring parameters that are added to the end of the URL in an API call. These values are variable and provide the Server with further information to determine the specific data or action requested. Parameters common to all the calls can be provided here instead of individually in each call.

looks like we need to expose separate parameter for each API call :man_shrugging:

When I have 30 endpoints in a plugin and want a user to provide their own domain name or some URL “segment” (not query string), like code of the environment (uat, dev, prod), they need to do it 30 times :exploding_head: