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How can a Merged list be displayed in a sorted manner?

We need to show a conversation between two users. Since search doesn’t support the OR operation yet, I am using a merge between:

  • Msgs from A to B, sorted by creation date


  • Msgs from B to A, sorted by creation date

However, in the result, I get all messages from A to B first and then all messages from B to A.

Is there a way to get the resultant merged list, sorted by creation date?

Note: Adding a “sorted by” at the end of the two merges doesn’t (seem to) work.

Something odd there. The :sorted by (like the filtered) works on the whole list up to that point. Have just tested it and can’t get it to work as you describe when the sorted is at the end.

The only things that are a little puzzling are that “Creation Date” comes out as “Created Date” on the search, and that you can’t do a newest first on the search in the expression. But I think it should work ?

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