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Sorting not working while using Merge with in repeating group

I have a repeating group where I used 3 searches on the same table merged together (to create the ‘OR’ condition possibility).
In each search, I have set the same sort condition: Sort by Created Date Descending “yes”.
I expect to see the last created date record first, but this won’t work. I tried sorting on different fields, but also did not work or have any impact on the list.
I tried to find a solution but could not.
I appreciate any help.
Thank you

My repeating group with 1st search

My repeating group with second merged search

My repeating group with 3rd merged search

The result of the repeating group remains the same whatever sort order I apply


This is because you are doing 3 different searches and ordering them independently. To order the entire result of your 3 merges, try to add the code below in the end of your merges


Many thanks. It worked. I appreciate your prompt assistance. :ok_hand:

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