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How can beta users purchase without using a credit card?

Hey all,
I’m running a beta right now and want my beta users to purchase something but not actually purchase it. I was giving them the fake test credit card, but it doesn’t work on live mode. :frowning: Any of you trying to do the same thing? If so can you help me by sharing what you did?

What processor are you using?
Set the price to $0?
Have you tried the legit test numbers?

I’m not using paypal. I’m using the Stripe plugin. I tried those cards, but they didn’t work either. The Stripe rep mentioned that I could implement a coupon system. Anyone done that? Stripe charges 30 cents per transaction. So even if it was zero it would still cost money…

If you want to do this you should use the test version of your app I think.

Have you tried to put stripe into test mode in your stripe dashboard?