Stripe declines payment due to testmode

Hello there

Can anyone please tell me why Stripe decline payment I’ve set up on my site? I’m trying to test payment with all live API keys provided a workflow to a single button a Stripe CC capture. When I try to pay by valid Visa card, it gives error message “This card cannot be used in test mode…” or similar. Also there is a “Test mode” message on the top right corner, so I guess it’s something I miss in the plugin’s settings. I’ve added all live and test API fine. In my Stripe account, the appropriate card type is live.


When you say valid Visa card, do you mean a real one? I believe in test mode, you have to use a test card provided by Stripe. Here’s one:

CC Number: 4242 4242 4242
Code: 777
Exp Date: 10/23

Thank you for reply Andrew. Yes, I’m trying to use a real one in development mode to see if it’s working. So you mean only the live site will accept the real card payments after deployment?


I am 95% sure that is the case. Try the test card I provided and see if it processes. If it does, you should be good to go.

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You were absolutely right. The test card was just perfectly working, and a valid would probably after deployment.

Thanks again

i just went through a video on how to set up stripe payment. is it possible for me to create a workflow such that a user transaction will not proceed until payment has been confirmed? Where as soon as the payment has been confirmed then my app can proceed. Just like when you are creating a facebook ad?

many thanks