Testing Stripe payments in live mode

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I just found an article on google saying that stripe tests should not be done on live mode with a real bank card. If not then which card should i use. Can someone tell me how to proceed with this?

I don’t believe it’s possible.

If you really want to run a sanity check in production, you could give yourself a 1-time coupon to try and reduce the rate (can’t be zero) and subsequently the stripe fee. Then reimburse yourself. You’d then just be out the stripe fee and a little bit of extra mess in your bookkeeping.

I’m not sure this is the right approach.

I’ve used Stripe in my bubble apps a few time and make 99% of my tests in Test Mode with a test card given bu Stripe ( 4242 4242 4242 4242).

Once everything is up and running in Test Mode, switch to live and make a few tests with 1€ articles for example to make sure.

I don’t know what article you are referring to, but I’m pretty that the idea is to run at least one test in Live Mode before launching. No need to run all your test with real money.

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